Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thal & Me Part 2

Since 3 years old with Thalassemia. A lots of bitter experience with it. But I always try to think positive about it; in Al-baqarah: 286 also mentioned 'Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kemampuannya' and saya tahu setiap sakit ada ubatnya. My Family and I berusaha dari dulu sampai sekarang untuk mencari penawarnya. InsyaAllah.

Chronology Side-Effect as 'Thalassemian':

20 years old - liver infection

how do i got it? i don't know but Dr. said most probably because i do have thalassemia and have to do blood transfusion regularly, so that why i got liver infection.

when i realize it? a day before 'Hari Raya Haji' in 2001, I got heavy fewer and headache. A day after 'Hari Raya Haji' I was admitted to HUKM and yes I felt so weak at that time.

how long i stay in HUKM? long enough.. a month! from 55kg 'till my weight reached only 45kg. I still remember there is one day i asked my Doctor to let me out from HUKM just to see KLCC! dowh?? what am i thinking?? i was so bored ok!! Yet, I still remember my auntie (mak usu) bring me food every weekend but i had no appetite to eat. silly me ;( But the worst part is my mom is at mecca to perform haj and she don't even knew that i was admitted to HUKM, until she landed in KLIA then she knew I was in HUKM - Yes! off course she meraung that time!!

how its effect my life? Mau tak effect -- in a month i can do a lots of things outside like shopping, traveling, lepaking etc. etc. Seriously, its effect my study -- at that time i am in final semester to complete my diploma but i have to complete my project paper 1st. Luckily, I was discharged from the ward earlier so that i managed to complete my project paper and my final semester with flying colours! yeay...(sound like berlagak ye..)...Alhamdulillah.

what is the scary part? its hurt so much -- the medicine very strong and yes its make me have no appetite, diarrhea etc. But the most scary is there was a nite when my father already fall asleep not far from my bed, I dream my mom come at me with telekung from the HUKM's window, touched my forehead and said 'baiklah anak aku' -- Alhamdulillah after that I slowly recover. Praise to ALLAH!

23 years old - Hep-C

how do i got it? Again, i don't know but again Dr. said most probably because i do have thalassemia and have to do blood transfusion regularly, so that why i got Hep-C.

when i realize it? Blood Screening and Blood Test at HUKM

how its effect my life? Yes, again the medicine is very strong -- i have to inject myself every monday, wednesday and friday so everytime after injection i'll become like drug addict - shaking, heavy headache and cold. So I wrapped myself with blanket. After every medicine I can't focus on my study for the whole day..yes its suffering, but my dad will do air Yassin for me to drink it. Yes, Air Yassin does help me a lot on my study. Praise to ALLAH!

how long i took the medicine? Until I 100% recover from Hep-C. Roughly, about 1 year. Yes! Proud to say I do recover from Hep-C with the support from my family and my Dr.

Besides these two, sometimes I do got fewer, flu, cough, headache, migraine and nose bleeding.. for me its normal to have those. But some 'Thalassemian' do get heart problem and diabetic.
I do heart check-up every six month and glucose level check up yearly. Hope until the rest of mylife I do not have these two problems or other problems, so that I can live happily, Insyaallah. Amin!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thal & Me

What is Thalassemia?
Thalassemia is actually an inherited blood disorder that will disturb our hemoglobin production.
Thalassemia is a result from an alteration in the rate of globin chain production. Low rate of production of certain globin chain

"Thalassemian" looks:
  1. pallor
  2. jaundice
  3. growth retardations
  4. weakness
  5. shortness of breath
Me? What thalassemia gotta do with me?
Yes! I am "Thalassemian"

Since when?
Since I was 3 years old

Am I Suffering?
Mmm Not. Instead, I think this Thalassemia is suffering on me

Can I execercise?
Sure, why not? I am Normal ;) -Limit yourself kiddos!

Any Q? Feel Free To Ask

Susu Nestle

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After distribute 2010 calender (walau dah hujung January) to front desk office, which i can see how happy kak ujie n ida to received it! This is my 'gtalk' conversation with ida a.k.a dada

Dada: TQ Susu!!!!!
Susu: welcome (dlm hati kan tadi dah cakap)
Dada: kelander kude ade tak? :D

ape kejadahnye kelender kuda??? main kude ke hapa budak ni??? --> dlm hati je b4 reply die..

Susu: pi mintak kuda
Dada: hehe mintak ape kat kuda? hehehe

sengal!! --> dlm hati lagi!

Susu: Calender la dowh!
Dada: hehehehehehehehehe

As a conclusion, due-due pun sama bangang melayan conversation yang tak de point.
Nyatanya kami amat bowring tuh! help! --sekian

Susu Nestle ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dear All,

I need Blog Tutorial Here - I mean it!
I want to do blog and be blogger
but my skills very limited.
So should i shout here????


tutor requirement:
* own a good blog
* skillful

additional requirement:
* handsome - so you must be a man, real man! (mampos mak piat telinge nih!!)