Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Susu dah ceritakan last post kena Dress Up & Make Up bagai to work.
Which is pada Susu bagus jugak untuk increase our confident level and peoples'
impression on us. So, why complain so much kan Dress Up je la!

So now, Susu ade new hobby
which is collecting new accessories.
Cincin checked! which I have 3 cincin merisik, cincin kahwin and cincin mas kahwin.
Rantai checked! which is I baru beli semalam. Very nice one.
Brooch checked! I love fluffy-fluffy brooch that I collect since last year and I got different-different colours.
You guys know la my office attire BLACK ONLY, 
thus I can match different colours of accessories, shoe and scarf.
Bracelet checked! Below is the picture of my favorites bracelet that I just begin to collect.

Below: I bought both RM20 in Jonker Streets

Below: I bought 3 RM20 in @Bazaar, Curve

FYI, I cannot wear any silver or non gold, thus I wear plastic one so my skin not itchy anymore.
Hope these accessories give positive impact on me, myself & I.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Make Up! Dress Up!

Everyone especially women in my office have to put on 
Make Up, Dress Up and up up and away!
(gila gelabah ko nak up je)

Berkuatkuasa serta merta
(actually dah lama dah kena bebel pasal bendani)
The management wants us to look presentable
from head to toe *tiptop*
We must do as the following before we come to work everday:
a) Make Up: Lipstick, eye-shadow, blusher etc.
b) Dress Up: nice blazer, color must be in B! scarf lilit nicely
c) High heels: atleast 2 inches! *0.5 inches also I terpeleot, how la*
d)accessories: bling2 jewelry, cincin gelang rantai brooch


This is my first small step to follow their requirement!

All in One

Love it!
Next, I have to do wardrobe makeover